Conversion Coating

Our Conversion Coating & Phosphating services offer a versatile solution for improving the surface protection and performance of your components.

Our services cover a multitude of conversion coating and phospating options, from tradional hexavalent chromate Alocrom, Zinc and manganese phosphate to more modern REACH compliant options such as; Irridite NCP, Socomore TCS/PACS and low temperature, or calcium modified phosphate combined with a more environmentally acceptable Zirconium based seal.

Traditional Alocrom

Alocrom (chromic conversion coating) can be applied either locally, via brush/applicator, or all over via a dip tank process. It utilises hexavalent chrome to convert the surface of aluminium components, greatly enhancing their protection from subsequent corrosion. If applied all over Alocrom can be applied in a light (more electrically conductive) coating, or a heavier (more corrosion resistant) coating, but in either case is negligible in terms of thickness, as it is not a coating as such, but a chemical conversion of the surface. Typically it is applied to bonding points (eg. spot faces round bolt holes), under paint in a similar way to anodising, or to cover bare patches left by processing, such as bare areas resulting from jig marks.

Socomore TCS/PACS

Socomore TCS and PACS form a two tank trivalent chrome Cr(III) surface treatment process that provides corrosion resistance and adhesion promotion on aluminium alloys. It’s universal chemistry can act as both a chemical conversion coating, or anodising seal. It offers consistent performance comparable to that of traditional hexavalent chromium treatments such as alocrom and dichromate seals, without the need for hexavalent chrome.

Over a number of years A&M have built up a wealth of knowledge in the operation of this process and have worked with numerous aerospace primes to trial it as a REACH compliant alternative. This has culminated in aerospace approval by at least one prime and a point where we are regularly applying it to components being built into new Airbus aircraft.

Iridite NCP

This is one of the first hexavalent chrome alternatives to Alocrom (Specifically Alocrom 1000) which came on to the market offering an environmentally preferable REACH compliant method of converting the surface of commercial aluminium components to enhance corrosion protection. It is often used as a stand alone finish.


Phosphating is the application of a porous crystalline coating, usually applied to ferrous based materials. The process is non electrolytic, with the phosphate layer being produced by catalytic action between the component material and the Phosphating solution. This catalytic action producing an exceptionally strong bond of the phosphate layer to the component surface.

The coating produced is crystalline and porous and forms a very good base for subsequent applications. As an undercoat for paints it dramatically improves adhesion of the painted layer, and with the application of specialised oils and greases will enhance the corrosion performance of the component, or provide lubricity for subsequent manufacturing operations.
Although most commonly applied to ferrous materials, it can also be applied to zinc or zinc plated bases where, prior to subsequent painting operations, both corrosion performance and adhesion are considerably improved.

Ashton & Moore Ltd. offers four types of Phosphating, Zinc Phosphate which gives a finer grain with a wider range of thicknesses being achievable, or Manganese Phosphate which is limited to heavier films. The Manganese phosphate coating also has different crystalline structure to zinc phosphate, being laminar rather than columnar, compressive, and imparts greater corrosion resistance and lubricity without the need for an additional coating, although these can be specified if required. Manganese phosphate is particularly good for components where “wearing/running in” is required, and because it is a compressive, coating continues to offer lubricative properties for extended life.

We also offer low temperature phosphate used on components sensitive to high temperature (>45’C), such as those with swaged bands packed with grease and calcium modified phosphate which offers a super fine grain finish smoother than the more traditional Zinc phosphate. The calcium modified phosphate used in the automotive and defence industries has the additional advantage of being able to employ a zirconium based post rinse, rather than the traditional hexavalent chrome one, making it more REACH compliant.

Benefits of Conversion Coating

Improving the surface protection and performance of your components.

Ashton & Moore Conversion coating

Whether you require a specific coating thickness, color, or performance characteristic, our experienced team will work closely with you to develop a solution that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

  • Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: Conversion coatings provide a durable protective layer that enhances the substrate’s resistance to corrosion, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Improved Paint Adhesion: Conversion coatings promote strong adhesion between the substrate and paint, ensuring long-lasting and uniform coverage for painted components.
  • Surface Pre-Treatment: Conversion coatings serve as an effective surface pre-treatment for subsequent processes such as painting, powder coating, and adhesive bonding, enhancing the overall performance and appearance of finished products.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Many conversion coating processes are environmentally friendly and produce minimal waste, making them a sustainable choice for surface treatment applications.

Ashton & Moore Conversion coating

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