Ashton & Moore Limited 12 Smith Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B19 3EX
Managing Director and NDT Level III -Dr. Keith Tucker  
Works Director -Mark Hudson  
Quality Manager -Mark Nikolic  
Quality Inspector -Jon Walker  
Quality Technician -Nazia Kouser  
Technical Officer Joseph Adams  
Technical Officer Paula Kalika  

-Jean Archer

-Carol Smith

-Greg Barrett

Contract Review / Customer Liaison

-Stephen King

-Ellie Vaughan

Financial Controller -Colin Marks  
Accounts Clerk -Rita Cooper  
Purchasing and Goods Received/Despatch Supervisor -Steve Agnew  
Goods Received/Despatch Clerk -Tariq Hussain  
Paint Shop Supervisors -Will Ashman/Ted Tancred  
Phosphating & Silver Plating Supervisor -Kevin McGihon  
Phosphating & Silver Plating Supervisor -Steve Wisedale  
Sulphuric Anodising Supervisor / Thin Film Sulphuric Anodising -Mark Downey  
Chromic Anodising Supervisor -Arthur Worth  
Electropolishing Supervisor -Mark Downey  
Tartaric Sulphuric Anodising -Mark Downey  
NDT Supervisor -Andrew Hale  

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