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Established in 1925, we at Ashton & Moore have the experience and technical knowhow to undertake successfully a wide variety of finishing processes including plating, anodising, painting and electroplating.

Following a successful MBO in 2004  the company was relocated to a single story open plan factory in 2006, allowing much of the equipment to be replaced and provide a more logical, ergonomic layout. The new factory has achieved full re-accreditation from all existing customers and approval bodies including Nadcap. The company also achieved a smooth and successful I.P. site closure for the old site together with full I.P. approval for the new site. Proprietor managed, Ashton & Moore has remained one of the UK’s leading aerospace and defence finishing services supplier.

During the move to our new facility we not only maintained the levels of quality and service that our customers have come to expect but we improved our performance to the extent that the Directors of Ashton & Moore have been listed in the 2009 ‘Who’s Who of successful businessmen.’

Ashton & Moore continues to strive to achieve a cost effective responsive service for their customers. Our technicians, committed and experienced in this our specialised field, together with our new layout and equipment, ensures that we provide only the very best results, frequently exceeding the quality and delivery requirements of any manufacturer.

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