Rolls-Royce Aerospace

Release – RR 9000 SABRe

Approval No. 01050

Flaw Detection Requirements As Per Order/Drawing/Layout

AMS2472E Sulphuric Anodising
AMS2700 Passivation
MIL-A-8625 Type 1 Class 1 Anodising
RPS 1 Stripping of Anodised Films
RPS 6 Phosphating
RPS 26-Sht. 7 Stripping of Paint Finishes for Aluminium Filled Coatings
RPS 26-Sht. 9 General Paint Stripping
RPS 54 sect 3 & 4 Anodising of Aluminium

RPS 128 Solvent Cleaning and De-Greasing (replaced by RRP5100)
RPS 168 Silver Plating
RPS 170 Cadmium Plating
RPS 386 Abrasive Blasting
RPS 436 Chemical Conversion of Aluminium
RPS 440 Alkaline Cleaning and De-rusting (superseded by RRP51025)
RPS 661 Organic Barrier Coatings
RPS 661/1 PTFE Dispersion
RPS 661/5 Dry Film Lubricant MSRR 3004
RPS 661/9 Molybdenum disulphide dry film lubricant
RPS 661/10 Graphite dry film lubricant
RPS 661/11 Air cure graphite dry film lubricant
RPS 661/12 Mica filled coating MSRR 9054
RPS 661/15 Heat resisting aluminium MSRR 9029
RPS 661/16 Heat resistant ES coating
RPS 661/21 Heat cured epoxy paint system
RPS 661-22 Application of Polymide Coatings
RPS 661/25 PRC-Desoto 2-part epoxy paint system
RPS 661/28 High temperature marking paints
RPS 661/30 Day-glo inspection aid paint
RPS 661/32 PRC-Desoto 2-part epoxy/polyurethane paint system
RPS 661/34 Epoxy varnish erosion resistant coating
RPS 661/43 Indestructible 2-part epoxy paint systems
RPS 661/47 Intumescent paint
RPS 661/50 Indestructible 2-part epoxy polyurethane paint system
RPS 666/1 Sacrificial corrosion resistant coating (use type A wherever possible as type B requires post peen cleaning and process substantiation)
RPS 666/2 Sacrificial corrosion resistant (thin) coating
RPS 666/3 Organic sacrificial corrosion resistant coating
RPS 666/4 Sealcoat
RPS 761 Application of Protective Finishes to Group Support Equipment
RPS 953
Thermal Processing of Materials up to 600oC
Control of Classified Parts
Engine Component Repair or Partial Repair to Specific Instructions
Delegation of Authority to Approve Process Data Cards in
accordance with addendum 1
RRP51000 Vapour Degreasing (was RPS128)

RRP51025 Alkaline Cleaning and De-Rusting (was RPS440)
RRP58003 Penetrant Dye Inspection – need QAS, material and Issue No. 1A2 and 1D2
RRP58004 Magnetic Particle Inspection : <1100 MPa before plating : >1100 MPa after plating
RRP58007 Visual Inspection

RR Overhaul and Repair

TSD 594 OP 101 Vapour and liquid degreasing

TSD 594 OP 103 Paint and dry film strippers

TSD 594 OP 104 Abrasive blasting

TSD 594 OP 106 Stripping of chromate and anodise

TSD 594 OP 113 Stripping of cadmium, silver, nickel and copper

TSD 594 OP 121 Alkaline derust and descale

TSD 594 OP 129 Removal of epoxy and organic finishes

TSD 594 OP 137 Stripping and cleaning organic coatings

TSD 594 OP 201 Magnetic Particle Inspection

TSD 594 OP 210 Penetrant flaw inspection

TSD 594 OP 301 Chromic acid anodising

TSD 594 OP 302 Phosphating

TSD 594 OP 305 Epoxy coating to aluminium and magnesium

TSD 594 OP 307

TSD 594 OP 318 Lead indium plating of plain bearings

TSD 594 OP 323 2-pack epoxy prime and finish

TSD 594 OP 329 Silver plating

TSD 594 OP 330 Chromate conversion coating

TSD 594 OP 335 Dry film lubricants

TSD 594 OP 341 High heat resistant aluminium enamel

TSD 594 OP 342 Wear away coatings

TSD 594 OP 343 Heat resist erosion resist coating

TSD 594 OP 348 Intumescent paint

TSD 594 OP 349 High heat and corrosion resist coating

TSD 594 OP 351 Stoving primer and enamel (epoxy)

TSD 594 OP 352 Erosion resistant polyurethane

TSD 594 OP 353 PTFE dispersions

TSD 594 OP 355 Air drying primer (epoxy) and enamel

TSD 594 OP 356 Polyimide coating

TSD 594 OP 357 Stoving epoxy varnish (Rockhard)

TSD 594 OP 711 Control of furnaces and paint ovens

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