MOD Defence Standards

DTD 939 Silver plating
AMS 03-2 Cleaning and preparation
AMS 03-4 Pretreatment and protection of steel >1450MPa
AMS 03-9 Silver plating
AMS 03-11 Phosphating
Def Stan 03-12 Chromate passivation of brass
AMS 03-18 Chromate conversion of aluminium
AMS 03-19 Cadmium Plating
Def Stan 03-24 Chromic acid anodising
AMS 03-25 Sulphuric acid anodising
Def Stan 03-32 Pretreatment and painting
Def Stan 80-25 Paint, ammunition – stoving
Def Stan 80-27 Paint, ammunition
Def Stan 80-31 Paint, finishing, alum
Def Stan 80-34 Oil, PX4
Def Stan 80-54 Paint, finishing, fuel resistant
Def Stan 80-55 Paint, finishing, quick dry
Def Stan 80-56 Paint, epoxide, stoving black
Def Stan 80-68 Paint, marking
Def Stan 80-72 Paint, acid and alkali resisting
Def Stan 80-95 Paint, bullet tipping
Def Stan 80-97 Paint, interior of fuel tanks
Def Stan 80-124 Paint, priming, stoving
Def Stan 80-131 Paint, alum, heat resisting
Def Stan 80-138 Varnish, polyurethane
Def Stan 80-161 Paint, finishing, epoxy
Def Stan 80-204 Paint, ground equipment
Def Stan 80-206 Paint, priming, zinc phosphate, low VOC
Def Stan 80-207 Paint, priming, zinc chromate, low VOC
Def Stan 80-208 Paint, finishing, polyurethane, matt IRR
Def Stan 80-209 Paint, finishing, polyurethane, gloss
Def Stan 80-217 Corrosion preventive PX1
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Issue No 002

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