MOD Defence Standards

Approval No. FM00236

AMS 03-2 Cleaning and preparation
AMS 03-4 Pre-treatment and protection of steel >1450MPa
AMS 03-9 Silver Plating – Only Copper based materials with no solder joints
AMS 03-11 Phosphating
AMS 03-18 Chromate conversion of aluminium
AMS 03-19 Cadmium Plating
AMS 03-25 Sulphuric acid anodising
Def Stan 03-12 Chromate passivation of brass
Def Stan 03-24 Chromic acid anodising
Def Stan 03-32 Pre-treatment and painting
Def Stan 80-31 Paint, finishing, alum
Def Stan 80-54 Paint, fuel resistant, gloss
Def Stan 80-39 Paint, interior of fuel tanks
Def Stan 80-124 Paint, priming, stoving
Def Stan 80-131 Paint, alum, heat resisting
Def Stan 80-225 Paint Military vehicles and equipment IRR gloss non aircraft
DTD 904 Cadmium Platting
DTD 939 Silver plating (Thread gauge required as per spec)


American Specifications   British Standards
AMS-QQ-P-416E Cadmium Plating (<1100MPa)   BS EN 2516 Passivation (NOTE: C1, C2, C4 ONLY – C1 and C4 is for aerospace only)
AMS 2410 Silver Plate – Nuts only   BS EN 2101 Chromic Acid Anodising
AMS 2411 Silver Plate – Only allows low alloy steels, martensitic or precipitated hardened corrosion resistant steels (CRES)   BS EN ISO 7599 Anodising
AMS 2412 Silver Plate   BS EN ISO 9717 Phosphating
AMS 2470 Silver Plate   BS EN ISO 15730 Electropolishing
AMS 2471 Sulphuric Anodise      
AMS 2472 Sulphuric Anodise      
AMS 2473 Chemical Conversion of Aluminium      
AMS 2481 Phosphate      
AMS 24700F Passivation      
ASTME 1417 Penetrant Flaw detection – Can do type 1 method A or D (level I,II,III)      
MIL-A-8625 Anodise, Sulphuric & Chromic      
MIL-DTL-5541 Alocrom      
MIL-PRF-40610 Solid Film Lubricant      

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