Messier Bugatti Dowty (Safran)

Release – PRIDE or SCREQ-001-PRIDE or GRP-0087 : Approval No. MDM 520746

Flaw Detect Requirements as per Drawing/Order/Layout

AMS 2700 Passivation of Stainless Steels

M-DLPS 102 Anodising of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys

M-DLPS 117-4 Solid Film Lubricant – Xylan 1010

M-DLPS 117-5 Solid Film Lubricant – Everlube 620A Dry Film Lubricant

M-DLPS 207 Cleaning and Pre-Treatments

M-DLPS 615 Air Drying Epoxide Polyurethane Paint Schemes

M-DLPS 618 Air Drying Epoxide Paint Scheme

MIL-A-8625 Anodising – Chromic and Sulphuric (Type I and II)

PCS 2101 Cadmium Plating (<1370 MPa as minimum tensile strength)

PCS 2220 Protective Chemical Treatment of Aluminium – Local

PCS 2500 Polyurethane Paint

PCS 2530 Polyurethane Paint (low voc.)

PCS 2610 Dry Grit Blasting with Aluminium Oxide

PCS 2620 Hot Degreasing

PCS 2700 Paint Stripping

PCS 2800 Temporary Corrosion and Damage Protection

PCS 3002 Penetrant Inspection – Inspection of Ground Chromium Surfaces. Use PE pen only.

PCS 3100 Magnetic Flaw Detection (can do AV8B parts [PS923]) MPI before and after Cadmium for 787 Boeing programme parts

PCS 3200 Penetrant Flaw Detection (can do AV8B parts [PS923]) In service and repair parts require Level 3 Penetrant

PCS 6000 Marking of Materials, Parts and Assemblies

PS 923 Manufacturing Requirements for Messier-Dowty AV8B Aircraft Parts

PS 3213 Cleaning of Component Surfaces by Hand Swab or Immersion

Messier Services Release MS UK 36 : Approval No. 5107

Approvals As Per Messier-Dowty But Released to MSUK36 In Place of PRIDE

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