GE Aviation- Q2 (Formerly Smith’s Aerospace / Dowty Propellers) (Approval No. PRO 16691P)

FD requirements as per drg/order/layout
NDT2 DAP                Magnetic Flaw Detection
NDT 3 DAP                Inspection of Ground Chromium parts – Use P E Pen only
NDT 8 DAP                Liquid Penetrant Inspection – Use P E Pen only

PS5100                     Cadmium Plating (<1450MPa)
PS5102                     Chromic Acid Anodise (+ mandatory Alocroming Of Jig Marks)
PS5102                     Sulphuric Acid Anodising (+ mandatory Alocroming Of Jig Marks)
PS5108                     Phosphate
(AMS2418)                 (Note : must be below 1450 Mpa/210 ksi)
PS5114                      Alocrom
PS5124                      Passivation of Stainless Steel (not 440C material)
PS 5618                      Air Drying Epoxide Paint Coatings
PS 5632                      Polyurethane Paint Coatings
Painting to DAP Specifications
PS5603                       Two pack epoxy paint
PS5618                       Air-drying epoxide paint
PS5632                       Polyurethane paint
PS5026                       Solid Film Lubricants

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