Expanding Profile of Approvals

Ashton & Moore are happy to announce that we have now officially been granted full approval for our new Tartaric Sulphuric Anodising process by Airbus Toulouse.

This scope covers the anodising of both 2024 and 7075 grade aluminium with either hot water or chromic sealing to AIPS 02-01-003 for anodising only, or to AIPS 05-02-009 for the subsequent application of structural paints.

Should you have interest in this process and are using an alternate grade of material, please contact our Sales team for more information on substantiation trials.

In addition to this good news, it has now become likely that Ashton & Moore will be able to continue offering Chromic Anodising, Alocrom and all other hexavalent chrome reliant processes up until September 2024 for the aerospace sector and September 2021 for the general engineering sector. This is in turn thanks to the initial approval for authorisation acquired by the CTAC Consortium to extend the usage of chromium trioxide past the forecasted REACH termination date of 2017.

Finally, in keeping with our ongoing development, Ashton & Moore are keenly expanding their Stainless Steel Passivation operations. Please contact our Sales team if you have interest in this process for more information

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