BAe Systems Regional Aircraft

Approval No. RALOA/00204/1

AVP 2-024 Swab Degreasing with Solvent Cleaners        
AVP 3-003 Epoxy Primer to Interior and Exterior Surfaces        
AVP 3-006 Polyurethane paint scheme        
AVP 3-008 Flexible Permeable Finish to Interior Surfaces        
BAEP 0002 Chromic Acid Anodising – PFD only when req. by drg/order        
BAEP 0003 Sulphuric Acid Anodising        
BAEP 0004 Chromate Conversion (Alocrom)        
BAEP 0006 Phosphating of Steel        
BAEP 0007 Colour Anodising (Chromic)   BAEP 3528 Application of Flexible Permeable Coatings
BAEP 0013 Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels (not 440C material)   BAEP 3529 Etch Primer, Polyurethane Prime and Finish
BAEP 1516 Chromate Passivation of Cadmium and Zinc   BAEP 3532 Application of Low Temperature Stove Enamel
BAEP 3504 Application and Stoving of Polyurethane

(Replaced by AVP 3-006 if work is for Bae Regional)

  BAEP 3536 Application and Stoving of Abrasion Resistant Coatings
BAEP 3505 Application of Cold Cured Epoxide   BAEP 3544 Application and Stoving of Bonding Primer as an erosion Resistor
BAEP 3506 Application and Stoving of High Temperature Stove Enamel on steel   BAEP 3546 Etch Primer, Polyurethane Prime and Finish
BAEP 3508 Application and Stoving of Acrylic   BAEP 3547 Application and Stoving of Anti-Erosion Coatings
BAEP 3512 Cold Curing Epoxide Primer   PS 23-3-9 Electropolishing of Stainless Steel
BAEP 3513 Application and Stoving of Anti-Fretting Primer   PS 2051 Dry Film Lubricant – Molycote 106
BAEP 3515 Application and Stoving of Erosion Resistant Polyurethane   PS 2068 Alocrom 1200
BAEP 3519 Application and Stoving of Heat Resistant Stove Enamel   PS 2089 Passivation of Stainless Steel (not 440C material)
BAEP 3524 Application and Stoving of Polyurethane Clear Lacquer   PS 2110 Chromic Acid Anodising – PFD if req. by drg/order before anodising
BAEP 3527 Application of Cold Cured Adhesion Primer    

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