Airbus UK approval 10064

Airbus UK – (Approval No. 10064)

ABP 1-1023 (AIPS02-01-001) Chromic Acid Anodising – PFD -If required by order/drg./eng. route

Where drawing calls for ABP1-1023 then Tartaric Sulphuric Anodising shall be used.

Where drawing mentions Chromic Anodise then the customer must confirm whether Chromic or Tartaric Sulphuric

Anodising is to be used.

ABP 1-1024  Sulphuric Acid Anodising

ABP 1-5056  Phosphating of Steel

ABP 4-1121 Application  of Bonding Primer as an Erosion Resistant Coating

ABP 4-1123 Application of Cold Cured Adhesion Primer

ABP 4-2133 Application of Erosion Resistant Paints

ABP4-2124 Application and Stoving of Abrasion Resistant Coatings

ABP4-2126 Application and Stoving of Polyurethane

ABP4-2127 Application of Polyurethane to External Surfaces

ABP4-2128 Application of External Paints

ABP4-2130 Application of Flexible Permeable Coatings

ABP4-2131 Application and Stoving of High Temperature Stoving Enamel on Steel

ABP8-1296 De-Oxidation of Aluminium Alloys (as part of AIPS 02-01-003)

ABP8-2301 Pickling of Aluminium for Metal Removal (as part of AIPS 02-01-003)

ABP 9-3323 Ink Marking

AIPS 02-01-003 Tartaric Sulphuric Acid Anodising

(2024 and 7075 parts which are to be painted or have chromic seal post treatment)

AIPS 02-05-001 Chemical Conversion Coating (immersion process only)

AIPS 05-02-003 Application of External Paint Systems (varnish application for ink marking only)

AIPS 05-02-009 Application of Structural Paints (metallic parts only)

ABP 6-5229 Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection

ABP 6-5230 Penetrant Flaw Detection

AITM6-1001 Penetrant Flaw Detection

AITM6-6006 Measuring Coating Thickness by Magnetic or Eddy Current

AITM6-9004 Inspection of Surface Resistance


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