Ashton and Moore in the 21st Century

Post Covid 19 outbreak it is a brave new world we need to embrace.

One in which even AS9100 Rev. D re-accreditations are done remotely.

This is one of the many new challenges facing a modern forward-thinking metal finishing subcontractor like Ashton and Moore Ltd. operating in the Aerospace and Defence Sectors. We are busy investing in many aspects of our IT to cope with this new normal. This ranges from dedicated lease lines for our internet, a VOIP phone system, new server, fully integrated backup and retrieval system with the latest in cyber security, down to a digital self-focusing document reader and second screens for use on WEBEX and TEAMS calls.

We are also in the process of upgrading our quotation and MRP systems to allow smoother running of our facility, increased efficiency and robustness in our internal systems, from accounts and stock control to contract review, order processing and COFC generation.

This colossal improvement is part of our overhaul of Ashton and Moore Ltd to make it ready for what ever the world can throw at us and compete in the ever changing markets in which we flourish. Always striving to keep ahead of our customers’ requirements and needs.

By the way we passed the BSI re-accreditation audit without a single NCR. 😊                                


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