Approval No. 002305

(Previously CDS, AEC, Goodrich Birmingham)

HCP 355 Gloss Polyurethane Paint to BSX 34A
HCP 463 Alocrom
PF12 Cadmium Plating
PF12B Cadmium Plating
PF12E Cadmium Plating
PF12F Cadmium Plating
PF 16 Chromic Acid Anodising
PF 16A Sulphuric Acid Anodising
PF 27 Silver Plating
TI 3/45 Visual Inspection
TI 25/1 Silver Plating
TI 44/C Anodising
WP 13 Silver plating
WP 42G Parco-Lubrite
WP 92 Alocrom 1200
WP 122 Fluorescent Penetrant Flaw Detection
WP 147 Abrasive blasting
WP 180D Graphite Dry film Lubricant Coating
WP 269 Silver Plating
WP 337 Silver Plating
WP 340 Silver Plating
WP 387 Chromate passivation of Cadmium plating
WP 523 Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection
WP 717 (Part of approved specs. – no separate approval required)
WP 1046 Application of Intumescent paint

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