Proud to be a Metal Finisher

Being almost 100 years old Ashton and Moore Ltd. has weathered many an economic storm and performed it’s duty in many a national emergency, such as WW2, but there can hardly  have been a moment when it’s MD could be prouder of our company and the people who make it what it is. All through this crisis our employees, designated key workers, like many others, still travel each day, often on public transport, to reach their place of work in the centre of Birmingham. Helping us support the Aerospace and Defence sectors, and more recently the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium.

Like other metal finishers around the country our employees repeatedly risk themselves to turn up for work and keep these, and many other UK supply chains alive and ready to spring back into action when the global economy finally manages to recover. Supporting not only our customers, the machinists throughout the UK and beyond, but the multitude of small, medium and large suppliers that provide and service the equipment we use, and the paints and chemicals we need to go on. Many of these companies are also soldiering on despite this hideous virus and in some cases the personal losses they are suffering.

Despite the troubles ahead and downturn in many sectors including; Aerospace, Oil, transport, etc., we should be prouder of British Industry, it’s ingenuity, perseverance and people.

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