Changes to Legislation and Processing

After a number of years offering a wide range of specifications and approvals, widely acknowledged amongst the aerospace community, it is with great regret that Ashton & Moore announce that it is to cease offering Cadmium Plating with effect from 12th August 2016.
As part of our ongoing business evaluation, it has been decided that this process is no longer commercially viable, due not only to the approaching REACH & COMAH deadlines, but also due to increasing environmental, health and safety restrictions and material costs. In order for Ashton & Moore to remain compliant with new chemical safety legislation, something we are both keen and proud to uphold, we have conceded that we can no longer support this process.

Ashton & Moore are pleased to say that we will continue to offer all of our other services, including magnetic and penetrant flaw detection and painting.

In further news, we are pleased to announce that the CTAC Consortium have recently attained initial approval for their authorisation to extend the usage of chromium trioxide.
It is now likely that Ashton & Moore will be able to continue offering Chromic Anodising, Alocrom and all other hexavalent chrome reliant processes up until September 2024 for aerospace usage and September 2021 for usage in the general engineering sector, far beyond the predicted sunset date of September 2017 under REACH legislation

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