This approval body does not grant approvals. Approval to do work to any A.P.P.H. spec. must be obtained from the customer and recorded. Examples of relevant specs. include those listed below.
KLA 361 Moly Disulphide Coating (Spray)
KLA 369 Etch Primer BS2x32

KLA 370 Passivation (not 440C material)

KLA 421 Zinc Phosphate
KLA 805 Local alocrom

KLA 824 Paint

KLA 834 Magnetic Flaw Detect (requires pre and post plating NDT)
KLA 844 Anodising
KLA 850 Epoxy Paint Scheme

KLA 865 Manganese Phosphate

KLA 867 Cadmium Plate

KLA 881 Penetrant Flaw Detect (not suitable for aluminium components
due to pre-penetrant, etc
PS 106 Stripping of Copper Plating

BS2808 : 1997 Anodising of Titanium (HAL LCH parts only)
NOTE : Nadcap waived for this process

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