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This approval body does not grant approvals. Approval to do work to any A.P.P.H. spec. must be obtained from the customer and recorded. Examples of relevant specs. include those listed below.

KLA 361                     Moly Disulphide Coating (Spray)

KLA 369                     Etch Primer BS2x32
KLA 370                      Passivation (not 440C material)
KLA 421                      Zinc Phosphate

KLA 805                      Local alocrom
KLA 824                      Paint
KLA 834                      Magnetic Flaw Detect (requires pre and post plating NDT)

KLA 844                      Anodising

KLA 850                      Epoxy Paint Scheme
KLA 865                      Manganese Phosphate
KLA 867                      Cadmium Plate
KLA 881                      Penetrant Flaw Detect (not suitable for aluminium components
                                                                          due to pre-penetrant, etc
 PS 106                       Stripping of Copper Plating
BS2808 : 1997             Anodising of Titanium (HAL LCH parts only)
                                    NOTE : Nadcap waived for this process
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